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MytuD.17112.a: DUF3349 superfamily protein Rv0543c

Target Characteristics

from organism: Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
most recent status: in PDB
center reference id: MytuD.17112.a
is community request: True
associated disease: Tuberculosis
NIH risk group: 2
is select agent: False
NIH priority
pathogens category:

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image of structure for 2KVC
Deposited: 3/12/2010
Determination: NMR
Clone: MytuD.17112.a.M1.GE00001
Protein: MytuD.17112.a.M1.PB00041

Publications by SSGCID

Inaugural structure from the DUF3349 superfamily of proteins, Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0543c.
Buchko GW, Kim CY, Myler PJ, Phan I, Terwilliger TC
Arch. Biochem. Biophys. - 2010
volume 506, issue 2, pages 150-6
PMID: 21144816; PMCID: PMC3035944
Structural diversity in the mycobacteria DUF3349 superfamily
Abendroth J, Buchko GW, Edwards TE, Myler PJ, Phan I, Robinson JI
Protein Sci. - 2019
volume 29, issue 3, pages 670-685
PMID: 31658388; PMCID: PMC7020984
PDB: 2KVC, 2LKY, 2M0N, 3OL3, 3OL4

Citations by Others

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External Resources

Resource Reference ID
OrthoMCL: OG5_237778
PATRIC ID: fig|83332.12.peg.602
RefSeq: NP_215057.1
TubercuList: Rv0543c
MTB Network Portal: Rv0543c
UniProt: O06409

Orthologues for Rv0543c

Species % Identity % Coverage Clones Proteins Structures
marinum 79 95 0 0 0
paratuberculosis 76 92 1 0 0
leprae 74 98 1 0 0
avium 74 73 1 0 0
smegmatis 62 98 1 1 1
avium 48 85 0 0 0
paratuberculosis 47 85 0 0 0
smegmatis 42 87 1 1 2
avium 38 84 0 0 0


These sequences are the native gene sequence; sequences of constructs derived from these sequences may differ due to codon optimization or other protocols. To find the specific sequence of any material you may have ordered, click on the "more" button next to the name of that material.
AA Sequence

NT Sequence
gtgaaccggt ttctcacctc gatcgtcgcg tggttgcgcg cgggatatcc cgagggcatt ccgccgaccg actcctttgc ggtgctcgcc ctgctttgcc gccggctgag ccacgatgag gtcaaggcgg tggctaacga actgatgcga ctcggtgact tcgaccagat cgacatcggc gtggtgatca cccatttcac cgacgagttg ccgtcaccgg aggatgttga gcgcgtccgg gcgcggttgg ccgcccaggg atggccactc gatgacgtcc gcgaccgcga ggagcacgca tag

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