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MytuD.18452.a: DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit omega

Target Characteristics

from organism: Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
most recent status: purified
center reference id: MytuD.18452.a
is community request: True
associated disease: Tuberculosis
NIH risk group: 2
is select agent: False
NIH priority
pathogens category:

Ordering Clones & Proteins

If there are materials available for this target, they will be listed below. Materials can be ordered from SSGCID using the button in the "order material" column. Clicking the button will add the material to a virtual cart. You may order multiple materials at a time at no cost to you, as this contract is funded by NIAID. When you are ready to place your order, click the "Place Order" link which will appear in the top right corner of the page after you place your first item in your cart.

External Resources

Resource Reference ID
OrthoMCL: OG5_237591
PATRIC ID: fig|83332.12.peg.1555
RefSeq: NP_215906.1
TubercuList: Rv1390
MTB Network Portal: Rv1390
UniProt: P9WGY5

Orthologues for Rv1390

Species % Identity % Coverage Clones Proteins Structures
thermoresistibile 77 100 0 0 0

Enzyme & Pathway Information

Pathway Pathway ID EC Number


These sequences are the native gene sequence; sequences of constructs derived from these sequences may differ due to codon optimization or other protocols. To find the specific sequence of any material you may have ordered, click on the "more" button next to the name of that material.
AA Sequence

NT Sequence
gtgagtatct cgcagtccga cgcgtcgttg gccgccgtcc ccgccgtgga tcagttcgat ccgtcgtcag gtgcatcagg tggctacgac accccgctgg gcatcaccaa tccgcccatc gacgagttgc tggaccgcgt ctcgagcaaa tacgccctcg tgatctatgc ggcaaagcgt gcccggcaga tcaacgacta ctacaaccag cttggcgagg gcatcctcga atatgtcggt ccgctggttg agccggggtt gcaagagaag ccgttgtcca tcgcgttgcg cgagatccac gccgatctgc tcgagcacac cgagggcgag tag

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